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Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is one amongst the massive names within the blockchain domain market and also the 1st port of imply many of us wanting to register their distinctive domain address.

The eight new domains include:

  1. .blockchain for blockchain evangelists. We’re proud to be operating with Blockchain.com to bring .blockchain to the globe. This register are on the market in about three weeks.
  2. .bitcoin for bitcoin users everyplace. We’re proud to figure with Gemini, the supplier behind our custody service, to bring .bitcoin to the globe.
  3. .coin – simple to recollect blockchain domains combined with USDC ar the longer term of p2p payments. We’re proud to be operating with Circle to bring this to the globe
  4. .nft for artists, collectors and fans. We’re proud to be operating with Opera Browser to bring .nft to the globe.
  5. .wallet for the payment pioneers.
  6. .x the final word domain ending and username. Short. Premium. Exclusive.
  7. .888 for those want themselves et al.fate.
  8. .dao for people who believe open governance & community.


Since 2014, the IRS has required all cryptocurrency traders (and miners) to report and pay taxes on their income.

For the casual trader, deciding the worth of some Bitcoin transactions might not be a giant deal. However, frequent crypto traders and miners might wantto seem for a software solution to stay their tax returns accurate.

CryptoTrader.Tax is one amongst the primary bookkeeping companies to focus on crypto trading taxes. The service integrates with all the main cryptocurrency exchanges and with two tax software companies still. Here’s what traders have to realize this service.

If you’re someone who only sold one coin, on one exchange, one-time last year, you most likely don’t need software like CryptoTrader.Tax. In fact, CryptoTrader.Tax encompasses a great guide that shows readers a way to calculate crypto taxes on their own. you’ll be able to search the US Dollar value of that transaction and add it to a Schedule D on your own.

By contrast, someone who had dozens of trades, earned interest, and received some airdrops will face difficulties calculating their taxable burden by hand. this is often where CryptoTrader.Tax comes in.
First, the software allows you to attach to dozens of crypto exchanges and wallets.


Paxful may be a platform that enables you to shop for and sell bitcoin. they need invested a substantial amount of your time and company resources to roll out their affiliate program that’s extremely beneficial for the affiliate.

With the Paxful affiliate program, you receive 50% of the exchange fees whenever one in every of your referred customers purchases bitcoin through the platform. you’ll be able to also message their team and request to be paid out when your affiliates sell bitcoin furthermore.

An additional powerful feature with the Paxful program is that you just receive 10% affiliate commissions when your tier 2 referred users purchase bitcoin. this impliesthat you just can recruit other affiliates to affix the Paxful referral program and earn when their referred customers purchase bitcoin. this is often very unique within the industry and allows you to makea military of affiliates.


HaasOnline is one amongthe foremost popular automated trading platforms for advanced traders, and it’s a proven record since 2014. just like Cryptohopper, HaasOnline acts as a trading bot that may automatically trade on your behalf using profitable trading strategies. The tool supports over 22 exchanges and may be wont to trade across all of them.

The HaasOnline affiliate program is additionally extremely competitive. to this pointit’s paid out over $1,216,962 to the affiliates that are promoting its products. If you’ve got an audience of crypto traders that you simply are looking to push products to, this is often an affiliate program that you justhave to checkout.

Today over 8,000 affiliates have signed up to the HaasOnline program. the common commission payment is $72. Take an extracheck up on the HaasOnline affiliate program here.


CryptoHopper is an automatic crypto trading bot that may be used across a range of exchanges. The software allows you to intuitively setup trading strategies, back test them across historical data, and make money trading the crypto markets. Our team has extensively used the CryptoHopper affiliate program, and it’s powerful.

Checkout a number of the CryptoHopper affiliate program stats here. they need paid out over $500,000 to affiliates over the past few years, and over 50,000 people are promoting their products. These stats represent themselves.

Over the years, the team has slightly reduced the affiliate payout, but it’s still worthwhile seeing that you just get paid out month after month as CryptoHopper could be a subscription product.