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Screenshot 3 Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is one of the most well-known names in the blockchain domain market, as well as the first port of call for many people looking to register their own unique domain address.

The eight new domains include:

  1. .blockchain for blockchain evangelists. We’re proud to be operating with Blockchain.com to bring .blockchain to the globe. This register are on the market in about three weeks.
  2. .bitcoin for bitcoin users everyplace. We’re proud to figure with Gemini, the supplier behind our custody service, to bring .bitcoin to the globe.
  3. .coin – simple to recollect blockchain domains combined with USDC ar the longer term of p2p payments. We’re proud to be operating with Circle to bring this to the globe
  4. .nft for artists, collectors and fans. We’re proud to be operating with Opera Browser to bring .nft to the globe.
  5. .wallet for the payment pioneers.
  6. .x the final word domain ending and username. Short. Premium. Exclusive.
  7. .888 for those want themselves et al.fate.
  8. .dao for people who believe open governance & community.

Here’s how the four-character domain marketing could be positioned:

  1. Domains are yours to keep indefinitely. There are no renewal costs for Unstoppable’s NFT domains.
  2. Your NFT domain can be used in over 90 different dapps, wallets, and exchanges.
  3. With only one human-readable domain name, you may send, receive, and store hundreds of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
  4. It’s entirely up to you which domain you want to use. The NFT domains created by Unstoppable are totally decentralized, which means they cannot be taken down by a third party.