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OKX Trade (already OKEX, more on that afterward), is a huge and enormously prevalent cryptocurrency trade and one of the OG’s in the crypto space, set up all the way back in 2016. With the rebranding and stage update, we felt it suitable to do an overhauled OKX audit as this trade has got a few energizing advancements underway.

Using its skill in the spot showcase, OKX offers its clients the opportunity to exchange Prospects, never-ending swaps and choices markets. In expansion, whereas OKX was, and remains, a heaven for dynamic crypto dealers, the stage has included an gain area, get to to an NFT commercial center, crypto credits region, Kick off launchpad, crypto exchanging bots, and indeed a way for clients to get included in Dab opening barters which will be secured underneath. Each gives dealers a interesting way to exchange, fence, gain, and investigate the crypto markets.

Here is OKX exchanging highlights summary:
1. Wide determination of cryptocurrencies – The trade offers a wide extend of cryptocurrencies for exchanging and records unused tokens regularly, giving dealers with a few exchanging options.
2. Trading alternatives – Separated from spot and edge exchanging, the trade moreover underpins prospects and alternatives, interminable swaps, and a few Win products.
3. Advanced exchanging instrumentsOKX gives prepared dealers with progressed specialized investigation and exchanging tools.
4. SecurityOKX gives straightforward Confirmation of Saves and keeps up 1:1 stores to guarantee satisfactory liquidity.
5. DeFi StakingOKX moreover offers staking administrations with stores in the user’s account.
6. OKB Token – The OKX local token, OKB, offers its proprietors a few security, budgetary, and utility administrations and inactive winning services.
7. NFT Commercial center – The trade too has an NFT commercial center where clients can purchase well-known NFTs.
8. User interface – The OKX trade interface is basic for normal clients and offers the customizability experienced dealers favor.

1. Numerous Products & Features
2. Reputable Exchange
3. Futures Asset Coverage
4. Low Fees
5. Good Altcoin Support

1. KYC Required for All Account Levels
2. Lack of Fiat-to-Bank Support

unnamed Bitget Wallet

Bitget Wallet

Bitget Wallet stands out as the ultimate Web3multi-chain decentralized portmanteau, offering a secure and accessible trading experience acclimatized for all crypto druggies, including newcomers.

With a proven five-time heritage, Bitget Wallet has earned the trust of over 12 million druggies across 168 countries encyclopedically. Its stoner-friendly features empower druggies to engage with decentralized operations and digital means and completely embrace the openings handed by the Web3 ecosystem.

Established in 2018, Bitget Wallet aspires to be the premier gateway to the Web3 world. This multi-chain portmanteau seamlessly integrates a comprehensive suite of features within a single platform, including a trading platform, helipad, NFT Market, OTC, DApp Browser, and more.

Formerly honored as BitKeep, Bitget Wallet, Asia’s largest Web3 trading portmanteau, has forged strategic hookups with assiduity leaders similar as Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, BNB Chain, Solana, and Base.

In a strategic move in March 2023, Bitget Global, a prominent crypto derivations trading platform, invested a substantial $30 million in BitKeep, acquiring a controlling stake. Following this, BitKee passed a transformative rebranding in August, arising Bitget Wallet.


  • User-friendly interface
  • A wide array of cryptocurrency and fiat support
  • Integrated swap with auto finding the best DEX with best prices to swap in real-time
  • Efficient cross-chain trading
  • Extra security features
  • Educational resources
  • Global reach and large active user base


  • The browser extension has fewer features than the mobile version
bitget 1 Bitget


Bitget is a digital asset trading platform that provides druggies with an intuitive stoner interface, important trading tools, and an expansive range of digital means. It allows druggies to fluently buy and vend cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and further, as well as other digital means similar as stocks, goods, indicators and further. Bitget makes it easy for freshman dealers to get started in the world of cryptocurrency trading by furnishing them with all the features they need to succeed. This composition will give a comprehensive overview of all the features and functions that Bitget offers its druggies. We’ll look at how to subscribe up on Bitget, its figure structure, client support services, security measures and overall performance.


  1. Low transaction fees: Bitget has among the lowest fees in the industry, with competitive maker and taker fees.
  2. High leverage: Bitget offers up to 125x leverage on many of its trading pairs. This allows users to open larger trades with a lower capital investment.
  3. Variety of order types: Bitget offers a variety of order types, including market, limit and stop orders. This gives traders the freedom to customize their trading strategies according to their needs.
  4. Copy trading: Bitget’s copy trading feature allows users to follow the trades of experienced traders with different risk levels.
  5. Secure platform: Bitget is a secure and reliable platform with multi-factor authentication and other security measures to protect user funds from malicious activities.
  6. Good customer support: Bitget has a dedicated customer service team to provide users with quick and efficient answers to their queries.


  1. Limited Payment Methods: Bitget offers only a few payment options, such as cryptocurrencies and bank transfers. This may be inconvenient for some users.
  2. Limited Service: Bitget is a relatively new platform; its services are still limited.
  3. A little complicated for beginners: Bitget’s interface may be a little complicated and overwhelming for beginners, who might need some time to get used to it. 
  4. No standalone desktop version: Bitget offers a web and mobile application, but unfortunately no standalone application for PCs
Huobi 0e7f0bcd84d94944bb4ae0fd921c5429 Huobi


Huobi is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange Singapore platform grounded originally in Beijing but presently headquartered in Singapore. The exchange supports both ICO commemoratives and cryptocurrencies and emphasizes the unborn development of the Blockchain frugality. It also has crypto trading bot point, known as “Huobi Trading Bot”, which allows druggies to have inflexibility of crypto bot trading.

Features of Huobi:

  1. Easy user interface
  2. Multiple order types
  3. Flash trade
  4. Compatible across multiple platforms
  5. Security
  6. Swift customer service


  1. Impressive user interface
  2. The Main exchange supports over 300 cryptocurrencies and tokens
  3. Employs high-level cyber security mechanisms
  4. Responsive customer support team
  5. Huobi users enjoy the right to vote on the alternative HADAX exchange that supports multiple altcoins


  1. Does not support fiat deposits and withdrawals
  2. The verification process is a bit lengthy


The platform offers a wide range of trading instruments: futures, tokenized stocks, leveraged tokens, options, move contracts, etc. It also exchanges fiat for popular cryptocurrencies. In addition, users can earn on predictions – to assess the likelihood of key political and economic events.

FTX offers favorable working conditions for both ordinary and institutional traders. As well as special conditions for active users with large trading volumes.


  • Trading platform for trading in the spot market and the derivatives market;
  • Full featured mobile app for iOS and Android;
  • A wide range of instruments for exchanges and investments: classic and perpetual futures, options, tokenized shares, leveraged tokens, volatility (options, Move and Bvol contracts), etc.;
  • Balance replenishment using cryptocurrency/stablecoins and fiat;
  • Buying cryptocurrency with a bank card;
  • Loyal requirements for the number of confirmations for crediting a deposit: for Bitcoin 2 (instead of 6);
  • Deposit and withdrawal in cryptocurrency without commissions;
  • Discounts on trading commissions for high turnover and FTX token holders;
  • Margin trading with leverage up to x20;
  • Special conditions for large investors: unlimited withdrawal, OTC transactions, liquidation fund, etc.;
  • Investment opportunities: landing, staking, prediction markets, NFT tokens;
  • Additional earning opportunities: affiliate program, trader contests, Quant Zone, FTX Pay payment service;
  • Own insurance fund (compensation for the uncovered liquidation of margin positions in the event of an extremely sharp market movement);


  • Difficulty of use for beginners;
  • To work with fiat and to access other functions of the exchange, you must pass the 2nd level of verification (providing passport data, indicating the source of income, etc.);
  • Lack of information about the current licenses and permits of the company;
  • Does not work with users from some countries (USA, Cuba, Crimea, Antigua and Barbuda, Iran, Syria, North Korea;
  • Lots of negative reviews online;
cryptocurrency 1 What is cryptocurrency and how does it work? Distinctive features, pros and cons

What is cryptocurrency and how does it work? Distinctive features, pros and cons

Cryptocurrency is virtual money, which, unlike fiat funds, has no physical expression. The unit of such currency is “coin”.

The digital currency is protected from counterfeiting and duplication, and its quantity and issue are strictly limited, for example, for the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), the maximum amount is 21 million coins (i.e., more than 21 million BTC will never be created).

The key feature of cryptocurrencies is decentralization — the absence of any internal or external administrator. Therefore, banks, tax, judicial and state authorities cannot influence the transactions of users of crypto assets. This is possible because all data with cryptocurrency wallets and transactions are stored in the blockchain.

How you can get cryptocurrency:

  1. Buying cryptocurrencies. The most affordable and easiest way to purchase a digital currency for rubles or dollars is to buy it on a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange rate of cryptocurrencies on exchanges is more profitable than in exchangers and wallets. The most reliable platform with the largest turnover, for 4 years in a row, the largest crypto exchange in the world is Binance, the platform supports transfers in rubles from Visa/MasterCard bank cards and QIWI, Advcash, Payeer payment systems.
  2. Classic mining. Miners provide the hashrate of their ASICs, video cards and processors to obtain cryptocurrencies by using the computing power of mining equipment. Starting in 2018, this option of mining BTC is unprofitable for the average user, giving way to a more flexible and profitable cloud mining.
  3. Cloud mining. The most profitable way to get bitcoins in the long run. It is a lease of the capacity of a cloud mining service in the form of a contract for a year. All the cryptocurrency extracted by this power gets to your account. The income depends on the exchange rate and the increasing complexity of the network. Be careful, there are a lot of scam sites and pyramids among cloud mining services, you can only trust time-tested platforms, there are not so many of them on the market.

Key characteristics of cryptocurrency:

  1. Cryptocurrencies are not based on trust. Systems that manage cryptocurrencies do not require trust, they do not involve third parties. They replace trust with verification. In a p2p network, assets are fully controlled by each participant and transferred between them directly without the approval and control of a governing body (for example, a bank).
  2. Cryptocurrencies are unchanged. By its nature, blockchain technology makes cryptocurrency transactions immutable. They cannot be canceled, delayed, duplicated, hidden or changed. In such a system, it is impossible to cheat in the usual way, and it is protected from human errors, which makes cryptocurrency infinitely more transparent than simple electronic money in a bank.
  3. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. In cryptocurrencies, new coins are systematically and transparently created by the system. Take bitcoin: its infrastructure guarantees that only 21 million units will ever exist. Now compare this with the “printing” and depreciation of fiat currencies, such as dollars and euros, with the light hand of governments and central banks.


  1. The openness of the code. Thanks to this feature, anyone can mine virtual coins. Despite the complexity of the process, many people still earn their living this way.
  2. Anonymity. Unlike classic electronic money, transactions with which are easily tracked, it will not be possible to get information about the owner of a cryptocurrency wallet. Only the wallet number and limited data on the amount on the account are available.
  3. Decentralization. Cryptocurrency is an independent monetary unit. No one regulates its issue and does not control the movement of funds on the account. It is this feature that attracts many Network participants, but as a rule, the cryptocurrency is issued in a limited volume, which eliminates the risks of inflation due to excessive activity of the issuer.
  4. Reliability. Hacking, forging or performing other similar manipulations with virtual currency will not work — it is reliably protected.


  1. No guarantees. Each user is personally responsible for their savings. There are no regulatory mechanisms here, so in case of theft, it will not be possible to prove anything and return the money.
  2. Volatility. Cryptocurrency is unpredictable, because it depends on the current demand, which, in turn, may change against the background of changes in legislation, current opinions and other factors. For this reason, there are fluctuations in the price of virtual money.
  3. The risk of prohibition or restrictions. Government agencies are wary of cryptocurrencies. Many countries have imposed restrictions on its use, and violators can run into a fine or even jail time. At the same time, a number of European states are still on the way to finding a compromise on the use of such money.
  4. Danger of loss. The “key” to access electronic money is a special password. If you lose it, the cryptomonets in the wallet become unavailable.


Phemex is a cryptocurrency exchange with a wide range of services. The platform offers leverage up to 100x and supports the purchase of cryptocurrency with bank cards. The Phemex exchange provides a variety of passive earning opportunities, as well as zero spot trading fees for premium accounts.

Phemex features

  • Intuitive interface: even an inexperienced crypto investor will find it easy to get to grips with the site and start trading. The exchange has a user-friendly interface that contains information about the funds on all accounts in general and separately, and also allows you to view the history of transactions on all wallets
  • For newcomers to Phemex, there are plenty of starter bonuses and even the option to use a premium membership for 30 days
  • Zero commissions when trading on the spot if you have a premium membership
  • You do not need to go through full KYC to start trading
  • You can trade through a demo account, which is especially useful for beginners who are just learning
  • You can use up to 100x leverage when trading derivatives
  • Multilingual exchange interface: English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Turkish
  • The platform has a mobile application that allows you to use all the functionality of the exchange anytime and anywhere
  • The support service works around the clock


Changelly is one among the foremost popular cryptocurrency exchanges, despite being one amongst the most recent.

You may interchange over 150 different cryptos with Changelly without ever having to deposit any of your coins or cash.

Instead, you simply search dozens of exchanges for the most affordable rates and execute your trade. Changelly, on the opposite hand, allows you to shop for cryptocurrency along with your Visa card, making it more of a hybrid exchange than a pure cryptocurrency exchange.

There is a set cost of 0.25 percent when exchanging crypto for an additional crypto, and there aren’t any extra hidden or unexpected fees.

Using the Changelly affiliate network, you’ll make money by either adding their widget on your site or referring people to them.

awesome miner 728x90 1 Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner may be a robust mining tool that supports multiple styles of mining gear at the identical time. It supports over twenty-five mining engines, interacts with every major mining algorithm, and allows you to manage the pools of multiple miners at the identical time.

Awesome Miner makes it simple to stay track of your cryptocurrency mining operations. It allows you to stay real-time track of Bitcoin and a variety of other cryptocurrencies. A dashboard within the mining program displays the temperature and condition of your gear, allowing you to stay track of its performance and health.


  1. All ASIC devices are compatible.
  2. Temperature, fan speed, clock speed, and other GPU functions are displayed.
  3. With one click, you’ll start mining.
  4. Supports approximately fifty different mining programs.

Screenshot 14 BeMine


BeMine is also a corporation that offers cloud-based ASIC-mining services. An ASIC miner might be a specially designed device which will do calculations quickly, like transaction confirmation.

ASIC Miner is commonly active and requires certain conditions to function properly. BeMine is in command of the maintenance of an outsized number of miners. BeMine is also a cloud company that sells ASICs.


  • BeMine only sells machines that are relevant.
  • To make a profit, you’ll buy 1/100 or the whole ASIC.
  • It allows you to top up your personal account balance in an exceedingly sort of ways, including Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Exmo, and Bitcoin cash.